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Marwel Slat Conveyors

Slat conveyors are most suitable for use when the unit loads are beyond the capacity of belt conveyors, or where heat or other adverse conditions render the use of the latter impracticable.

Marwel slat conveyors are frequently fitted with chains having oversized rollers. These permit the use of side guide bars at intervals along the tracks. This ensures accurate tracking without sideways drift. The larger the roller diameters, by reducing the number of revolutions per roller, increases chain life and also allows the use of heavier chain sprockets. This is of particular benefit in foundries where the chains usually run dry.

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CAB slat conveyor -->

CAB Slat conveyor
The main framework is usually welded of ample strength, well braced and reinforced at the stress points. Marwel operating in ovens have expansion joints, where necessary and automatic spring or weight loaded tension units. Full guarding is possible. The chains vary according to the load requirements but are usually standard conveyor chains. Sprockets are standard cast iron or alloy steel.

Marwel slat conveyors are powered by oil bath geared motor units coupled to the head-shaft by roller transmission chain drives incorporating an overload safety device. Electrical variable speed drives can be supplied.

The main chains are lubricated by automatic 4 or 6 spray jet lubricators if required. Special oils are employed for conveyors inside ovens.


Heat treatment conveyor -->

Specialist heat treatment conveyor
The slats can be steel, hardwood or plastic and in various sections, channel, angle, flat, tubular etc. They can be fitted with flight bars for inclined conveyors, with jigs, or with automatic retracting supporting arms for assembly conveyors.

In floor 
slat conveyor -->

In floor slat conveyor

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