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Marwel Belt Conveyors

Belt Conveyors are probably the most widely used of all the various types of conveying equipment.  The range varies from very small conveyors used in packaging machinery through to heavy duty conveyors used for bulk materials.

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They usually consist of moving single or multiple endless bands of material upon which the product sits and is conveyed.  The belts can take a straight path or can be twisted through more complex paths.


The most popular and least expensive belt material is a reinforced rubber or PVC construction.  However the conveyors designer is not restricted to just these materials and there are a vast range of belt materials available each with properties that have to be matched to their particular application (e.g. high grip, non-stick, high temperature etc...)

In addition steel and stainless belts are available which have their own unique advantages.  They are widely used in the food industry and in other areas where accuracy is important.

The belt profile need not be flat, it can be round, troughed, vee, timing or anyone of a wide range of profiles.

The belt is usually supported on a skid bed, rollers or pulleys.  It is typically driven from a geared motor unit and incorporates belt tension and tracking adjustment.

Belt conveyors, provided they are matched to the needs of the application, provide one of the simplest, most economic and reliable means of transport.

Marwel has the ability and experience to design and build belt conveyors, whether it is a light duty conveyor for packages or a heavy duty conveyor for foundry use.

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