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Marwel Pallet Handling

Marwel supply and manufacture a large variety of pallet handling equipment. All conveyor systems are designed and manufactured to suit the individual customer’s needs.

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Marwel design and manufacture zero pressure accumulating chain conveyors for a wide variety of product types.  They all have the advantage of a rugged and reliable design.                                                     

Typical are those used for storing pallets. As can be seen in the photograph Marwel chain accumulating conveyors can accumulate product on inclines and declines if required.





Pallet Inspection
Marwel Pallet Inspection Systems can either be fully automatic or manual. Every system is designed to suit each individual customer requirements and budget.

Inspection & Repair
Marwel design and manufacture pallet inspection and repair systems. This typical small system is capable of handling 100 pallets per hour larger systems can process over 500 pallets per hour.

Pallet Turnover Unit

Marwel Conveyors pallet handling systems can incorporate shuttle car systems, fully accumulating chain conveyors, automatic paint lines, high speed stackers, cross transfers and other units to numerous to mention.

Marwel design and manufacture devices for straightening stacks supported by pallets.Typical are those used for straightening stacks of pallets.

The Straighteners are usually fitted into production lines were it is important, to subsequent operations, that the stack is upright with no overhang.

Pallet Paint Spray Systems


  • Patented spray booth that is used as a standard for Pallet Painting.

  • High speed operation (1200 - 1800 pallets per hour depending upon design).

  • Low paint usage (the paint is sprayed onto the pallet - not into the filters).

  • Ease of maintenance (dry back booth with easy change filters).
    Easy low cost waste disposal (soiled filter material).

  • Rugged design (we make heavy duty conveyors and our spray booths are made in the same way!).

  • Easy installation (the booth is shipped to site in one piece).

  • Fully Automatic Operation (all the booths, even our mobile booths, are fully automatic).

  • Low pressure low volume spray guns.

  • Durability ( we have regularly replaced standard booths that are only 5years old, some of our booths are more than 10 years old, and they are all still working!).

  • Heavy Duty (most of our booths run 16/24 hours per day several run 24 hours per day 6.66 days per week)

  • Mixed Products (sprays 01 and 03 pallets or any regular shaped object).
    Handles pallets in stacks.

Marwel design and manufacture pallet dryers. They are gas fired and use infra-red gas plaques.

The dryer is designed to quickly dry the faces of the pallets such that a wet paint logo can be immediately applied. 

Using infra-red and restricting the surfaces to be dried not only shortens the overall length of the production line but also saves on gas consumption

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